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Have no idea what biblical resources to use for studying scripture, no problem, I have a solution, Check out my Bible Study resource list.

How often when using bible study resources, have you tried studying scripture which left you at a loss, possessing no idea what’s the best resources to facilitate your studying experience? To provide you with a better understanding of the passage you are attempting to study. 

Well! I believe everyone has been in your position at least once. 

In the beginning, I definitely was one of those individuals trying to start the journey of studying God’s word with no sense of direction of where to start studying, who or what would provide the best resources.

Nevertheless, after researching and trying to implement different resources into my regular study routine. I have narrowed my list down to what I considered to be my best useful resources.

So, let’s get started!!!

…So, guess what, since I traveled the journey, I know a solution!!! And I am honored to have this opportunity to share my findings with you.

Today I’m sharing my awesome biblical resources list.

Living By Faith Bible Study Resource

My goals for sharing my biblical resource list

  • To inspire you to be dedicated to studying the word of God
  • Facilitate the process for you to gain biblical knowledge
  • Create an environment for studying, discussing common issues, exploring family, friends experiences, opportunities to minister to Christians, and non-Christians
  • Supply biblical tools to facilitate the process for you to obtain in-depth knowledge of scripture or a particular topic.

Biblical Resource Tools

Let me start by saying, I am by no means suggesting these are the only or best tools for studying scripture, nor are they affiliate links. These are the tools I personally use, and I am honored to share them with you, for the edification of God’s word.

Studying God’s word requires discipline, dedication, and good resource tools

  • Bible
  • Commentary
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Bible Concordance


I highly recommend using several bible versions, to ensure you have a more in-depth depiction of scripture, through the use of different word usage. 

Bible dictionary:

Using a bible dictionary is an awesome tool when studying to gain a clear perspective of certain words, which will allow you to be better equipped when applying its meaning in the passage. 

Bible Concordance:

The best assistance for locating pertinent words is a passage is a bible concordance.

A good bible concordance allows you to locate all passages containing any word or statement you are evaluating for understanding.

Bible Background Commentary:

When studying scripture, it’s pertinent to know the background, natural nuances and governmental influences on religious beliefs.

Most often you will find a change of event has transpired, affecting current culture, a religious shift of direction, or influences from within the governmental office.

Using several resources provides a different perspective, although you don’t have to have these to fully understand the scripture, they are what I consider as bonuses, to enhance your understanding.

The final step to my awesome resource list

Wow!!! you made it to the end. Now that you know the types of resource tools I use to study scripture, 

I’m elated to share Living By Faith resource list with you. Now, this is the last step to get my excellent resource list. Just subscribe to my email list and receive my awesome resource list

I look forward to having you in my community

Ok, that’s it for me, talk to you later

A Little About Gwendolyn

Hi!!! I’m Gwendolyn founder and CEO of Living By Faith products, where I create biblical resources to enhance learning. 

My main goal is my success of supplying resources needed to develop your knowledge and facilitate your studying experience. 

…I’m so excited to have this special opportunity to provide biblical resources to you. I find true joy in creating biblical resources that enhance your learning experience. 

…I pray I’m successful at providing you with the tools you are seeking during your journey of studying God’s word. I look forward to developing a special relationship with you. And truly pray LBF resources are beneficial for you.

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