Are you struggling with studying scripture to gain a clear understanding? Try my 2 simple methods

2 Simple Method to Study Scripture

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…Well, struggle no more, I have 2 Simple Study Methods

2 Simple method To Study Scripture

…Wow!!! I’m so excited to introduce you to this old yet new method of studying scripture.

…After viewing several different methods of studying scripture,

I was blown away at the outcome I experienced after combining these two excellent methods.

…The S.T.U.D.Y and SOAP method,

these methods are both effective ways to study scripture individually.

…Moreover, combining them is so awesome!!!

and will enhance your understanding of scripture.

…These two awesome methods provide a useful pathway for studying and evaluating scripture.

…Wow, what an eye-opening you’re going to experience!!!

from studying using these two methods combined.  

I’m so excited to study with you,

…but let me take a moment to share my goals.

My Goals

So, let me tell you about my goal.

…My goal is to enlighten you with making your study experience simple,

…by sharing 4 simple steps using these two awesome methods.

By studying using these methods combined,you will enjoy evaluating God’s Word.

You will begin to see God speaking to you more clearly,

…through His word.

By possessing a clearer understanding of scripture,

…you will be able to fundamentally apply scripture to your life.

You will most importantly,

…begin the process of developing an intimate relationship with God.

Study Method to Study Scripture

Let’s get started!!!

…Before you begin to study you must prepare.

… I know you’re saying prepare what, you said it’s only 4 simple steps.

…Well before you begin the simple steps to study scripture you must prepare yourself and prepare to study.

…This is where we first go wrong.

In order to study God’s word, we must properly prepare.

First, this is the most prevalent step, PRAYER.

…Pray and ask God for your dedication and a clear understanding of His Word,

…and what area in your life you need to focus on for growth.

Second, prepare your biblical resources.

…Always have your resources available to minimize you becoming distracted searching for answers, gathering background, or seeking a clearer understanding of certain words or phrases.

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    …Now, we’re ready to begin our 2 simple methods of studying scripture.

    First method: S.T.U.D.Y Method

    Decide on a Book, chapter, scripture, or a specific topic to study,

    … it really depends on your goals.

    Although, I recommend choosing a chapter and dividing it into sections of 5 to 10 verses.

    …After carefully reading the selected scripture,

    …reread the passage this time evaluating it using the 5 W’s and H: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

    …By, consistently utilizing this method

    … you will notice how simple significant details you’ve been missing study your old way.

    Who’s the audience

    What’s happening, is there is a  caution

    Where’s the origin of the event

    When did the event take place or to who

    Why’s this event occurring

    How’s the event taken or going to take place.

    Second method: SOAP Method

    I find comfort in studying scripture utilizing the SOAP method,

    …I experience an intimate connection with God through prayer and understanding scripture.

    …Reason for observing scripture through the SOAP method.

    Reading scripture without any interactions does not provide any connection or growth, it takes an intimate connection, which is accomplished through prayer and taking time to closely evaluate scripture.

    Prayer completes the package. Through prayer your relationship with God is developed, becoming more intimate, and most of all you begin to hear Him louder and clearer.

    (S) SCRIPTURE: Write out the scripture, to familiarize yourself

    (O) OBSERVATION: What words stand out. Write out the scripture again to see what God reveals to you.

    (A) APPLICATION : How can you apply what you read? Ask yourself “what is God saying to me today”.

    (P) PRAYER: Pray God’s word to Him. If you get a revelation, ask for guidance on how to put your new found knowledge into action.

    Bonus method:

    …Share, yes share your outcome with someone.

    … passing your knowledge onto someone else, will embed your newly learned knowledge in your heart,

    …creating an easier pathway for applying what you’ve learned from properly evaluation scripture.

    …thereby strengthening the development process of becoming more intimate with God.

    …Now, don’t stop,

    you have begun to develop excellent study skills,

    …so challenge yourself.

    And to help you out, I have a wonderful call to action just for you.

    Call to Action

    Finally, you have either enhanced what you already knew or learned a new skill, you need to put it into action.

    Now that you know the perfect simple way to study scripture, what are you going to do?

    …I know, I’m challenging you, but come on let’s continue to study God’s word, are you going to? I pray you are.

    …I really want you to put what you just learned to good use.

    …So, guess what I have the preface solution!!

    I created an awesome study guide on the book of Galatians, this guide is designed around your new study skills, you’re going to love this study guide.


    $12.99 Galatians Study Guide

    70-pages, easy to print or download to your PC to use as a editable PDF study guide

    Just in case you’re wondering how this guide is beneficial to you I’m excited! to tell you

    After studying the Book of Galatians using this guide

    You will haves established a routine bible study schedule

    Possess detail knowledge of the Book of Galatians,

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    Finally, but not least, have an excellent method for studying scripture.

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    A Little About Gwendolyn

    Hi!!! I’m Gwendolyn founder and CEO of Living By Faith products, where I create biblical resources to enhance learning. 

    My main goal is my success of supplying resources needed to develop your knowledge and facilitate your studying experience. 

    …I’m so excited to have this special opportunity to provide biblical resources to you. I find true joy in creating biblical resources that enhance your learning experience. 

    …I pray I’m successful at providing you with the tools you are seeking during your journey of studying God’s word. I look forward to developing a special relationship with you. And truly pray LBF resources are beneficial for you.

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